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Massive thank you!
Janine & Michael
Dear Boost Academy,

I just wanted to say a massive thank-you for all that you have sowed into Gaby’s life. It would be inadequate to thank you just in person hence this letter.

Just looking at how far Gaby has come through the past year is amazing to us. We went through 18 months of hell before we came to Boost. I did not know the extent of what Gaby was going through at DSK and she has since revealed it had been going on for years. They really broke her spirit and I literally was on my knees for a way out for her.

I thank God for answering my deepest prayer by not only giving her BOOST but more importantly you. I think its weird that The Psychologist that was recommended for her by our Doctor was also named Sumaya. Gaby would not talk to her at all but I think that she needed someone to believe in her abilities not listen to her talk. You are most definitely the right Sumaya God’s choice!

I cannot thank-you enough for all you have done for our Daughter it is so far reaching and I thank God that there are people like you in this world. I know that Gaby will never forget you as we never do forget the teachers that believed in us. We will always be so very grateful to you for your love and care for Gaby.

I wish you a blessed holiday and a good rest and I pray that God would shower you with all the blessings that you deserve.

Love and blessings always
Giovanna Manco
Dear Director and Principal

I have to tell you both how pleased I am with the positive influence and constant willingness Siobhan has shown to help out my son and his scholastic issues.

His attitude towards school and homework has never been great, to the point of refusal. The small and big changes she implemented in grade 7 and then grade 8 have been remarkable for him and I want to formally recognise her and the school's outstanding efforts.

I have found that Siobhan is committed to the kids and treats them with understanding, with respect, with continuous support, patience and care. I would like to express my appreciation for her efforts, input and open communication for all matters regarding Lindo and his education and well-being.

Through Siohban's creative ways, my son has not hinted at school refusal in two years. She has been so proactive in supporting my son.

My kiddo can be somewhat difficult with an inflexible personality and she goes to great lengths to understand him, to understand his challenges and to encourage and motivate him

I feel a great sense of relief to have my son in a school that shows interest, commitment and dedication to the kids from the guiding hand of a principal.

My son has been encouraged to participate in class and he was not placed under unnecessary stress. This calming and encouraging school environment is greatly appreciated.