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Boost Academy Johannesburg is a unique educational centre that caters for children from grade 1 to grade 12. We generally place our schools in houses to give our learners that wonderful feeling of a home away from home where they can feel like themselves and learn in a space that they trust and feel secure in. At Boost Academy everybody at Boost has a friend! The more senior learners have taken upon themselves the value of leadership. The layout of the house is not only conducive to a perfect learning ethos, it also lends itself to a great feeling of security and a closeness that is quite family-like.

Boost is an independent school registered with the Department of Education and follows the prescribed CAPS syllabus. However, the method of teaching is designed to cater for the way in which each individual child learns.

Boost has become known as the “home away from home”. Our learners thrive on our compassionate, dedicated and experienced teachers. The children are encouraged to express themselves without fear of judgment, to display their feelings without fear of ridicule and generally are allowed to be themselves in a safe environment conducive to an effective and positive learning experience.

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Ashley Berman

Educational Psychologist at Boost Academy Johannesburg

Originally a teacher, I then completed a Masters in Special Education at Columbia University. I taught primary school grades and remedial students for many years returning to complete a BA in Remedial Education at Wits.

Later on, I specialized in the Feuerstein methodology of Instrumental Enrichment and dynamic assessment (LPAD) (a 3-year specialization involving training by the Israeli-based Institute). I returned to UJ in 2012 to complete a Masters in Educational Psychology (I graduated cum laude and received the Vice-Chancellor’s medal achievement.)

My history and personal learning challenges resulted in my having a passion for assisting learners with challenges to excel. I believe strongly in the role of perseverance and commitment over that of pure IQ and believe that we adults and educators are instrumental in showing children how to excel, grow and shine.

I have worked in private practice and with Boost since the beginning of 2015. I specialize in individual student assessment and learning support (working closely with teachers and schools), psychotherapy and parental support. At Boost, I work with individual students to improve studying and retention of information (what I call Ownership of Knowledge), and with teachers to encourage an emphasis on cognitive education; I give individual and class support around emotions and social interactions on a needs basis. The value of the small class environment at Boost is that we create a very caring and yet well-structured system for each to function within working closely with outside therapists and parents.

A highlight of my week is my lesson in FIE (Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment) with the grade 1-5s: “FIE utilizes a classroom curriculum designed to enhance the cognitive functions necessary for learning and achievement. The fundamental assumption of FIE is that intelligence is dynamic and modifiable, not static or fixed. The program seeks to: 

  • Correct deficiencies in fundamental thinking skills
  • Provide students with the concepts, skills, strategies, operations, and techniques necessary to function as independent learners
  • Diagnose and help students learn how to learn.

Overall, FIE does not teach a student “what” to think but “how” to think. It provides a language students can use to express themselves.”

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Margie La Grange

Director at Boost Academy Johannesburg

Margie La Grange, remedial therapist, and owner of Boost Academy has been involved in education for 26 years. She holds a BA degree and an honours B.Ed degree in Specialised Education. In 2013, recognising the need for individualised education with focused support in areas of need, the idea for a holistic independent school was put into motion. Margie has worked at schools and in private practice and is committed to the innovation of education in South Africa.

Tyron Fuchsloch has been in the education and training industry for 15 years when he started as part time EMS and business studies teacher at a small private school at a very young age.

Tyron worked as a teacher and in the subjects of Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Science, Geography, Business Studies and Accounting and has been an HOD for Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Business Studies and Accounting. He has also worked as grade controller and Head of Student Affairs for a number of years.

Tyron has worked with a number of different learners from all types of cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds from all ages both at schools and as a private consultant of education based services.

Tyron has a Masters Degree in Strategic Business Management where he also majored in Human Resource Management and Industrial Psychology. He also has a number of qualifications in education and training and is a qualified and accredited trainer and moderator.









Grade 5’s with their homemade musical instruments.

Woodrock Animal Rescue visiting Boost Academy in Johannesburg.


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