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Boost Academy Cape Town has been open for 5 years now. It is a warm and nurturing environment, “a home away from home!” It is set in a beautiful property in Gardens, central for our parents who work in and around town.

Our children are happy and loved. We aim to facilitate an education that is unique and individualized. Each child at our school is able to work at their own pace and by so doing, is able to reach their full potential. Our staff are committed and dedicated to helping each child both academically and emotionally. Our kids are “boosted” to continue learning and giving their best at all times. We aim to build well-rounded individuals who can go into the world with confidence and pride. The ethos of our school is a happy one, but at the same time, we are providing the structures and boundaries that are needed to guide the children into the 21st century.

We aim to foster a love of learning which can be easily achieved in this nurturing and loving atmosphere. “There ai n’t no mountain high enough or river wide enough” to stop our children from reaching their dreams!

Margie La Grange

Director at Boost Academy Cape Town

Margie La Grange, remedial therapist and owner of Boost Academy, has been involved in education for 26 years. She holds a BA degree and an honours B.Ed degree in Specialised Education. In 2013, recognising the need for individualised education with focused support in areas of need, the idea for a holistic independent school was put into motion. Margie has worked at schools and in private practice and is committed to the innovation of education in South Africa.

Tyron Fuchsloch has been in the education and training industry for 15 years when he started as part time EMS and business studies teacher at a small private school at a very young age.

Tyron worked as a teacher and in the subjects of Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Science, Geography, Business Studies and Accounting and has been an HOD for Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Business Studies and Accounting. He has also worked as grade controller and Head of Student Affairs for a number of years.

Tyron has worked with a number of different learners from all types of cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds from all ages both at schools and as a private consultant of education based services.

Tyron has a Masters Degree in Strategic Business Management where he also majored in Human Resource Management and Industrial Psychology. He also has a number of qualifications in education and training and is a qualified and accredited trainer and moderator.

Kids at the Cape Town Academy

I am Lenny Klein, on my way to becoming principal of the amazing school Boost. Here in Boost we teach differently. We welcome all students here in boost from all around the world. One can find this in Cape Town, South Africa, Wembley Square, 14 Tuin Plein. This School is a special school. We teach the slow learners and sometimes the fast. We have fun in this school such as going to the play park, playing cricket and especially scootering. All the students of Boost will Highly suggest you to join us.

I want you to vote for me and I will tell you exactly why. I'm an experienced principal. I've worked with famous schools all around the world. I know what it's like to be a slow learner and that's why our lovely teachers will take care of that problem. We here in Boost will not let you leave and go home without a big smile on your face. As a principal, I offer greatness in this school. You can talk to anyone about your problems. We are like a big family. We all respect one another the same way. If you vote for me all these concepts will come true.

School is full of opportunities for your future. It's a very important part of life. This school offers plenty of opportunities. I think my leadership will affect this school greatly in a big way. I will bring fun into school for the first time. Come join the best school in the world with your trustworthy principal.

Cape Town Consumer Studies

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